Recent Sales Information Now Available

The NAR just recently changed some laws regulating the publication of specific M.L.S. (Multiple Listing Service) data, such as recently sold real estate.  Prior to this change, Realtors couldn’t provide specific financial information, such as sales prices and close dates, unless requested.  Anyone looking would need to successfully reach a sales agent, request info and then wait to receive or……… they could just use Trulia, Zillow or any of the other large, corporate websites to find sales numbers.  In a time when most browsing for real estate is done from the comfort of home and often using a phone, it’s important to be competitive.

This was a step in the right direction and will hopefully be the first of many and will commence a continuous effort to improve and grow in to the future.  Up until this change, Realtors couldn’t provide access to information – that was available elsewhere and attached to someone else’s business card.  The process has gotten easier to use also.  When searching for recently sold information, it was pulled from tax records and wasn’t always complete;  things were often left out for example.  With the info being pulled directly from the M.L.S., it’s from the “horses mouth” and whole in nature.

It’s nice knowing that efforts are being made to facilitate everyone and no one idea will come to run an entire profession.  The internet is the most important aspect of marketing in today’s world and having restrictions on how it’s applied can have terrible affects on a would-be, successful marketing campaign.  We’ll have to wait and see what new technologies will come in the near future, but as long as the NAR is keeping the playing field level, everyone can expect to have the same opportunities.

For examples of this information and how it works, try recently sold Island Royale Condos in Gulf Shores, AL.  The actual price the condos sold for is listed along with the date the condos were closed on.  Users can sort using the dates, prices, buildings and much more.  For info on current listings, visit our Gulf Shores, AL condos for sale info and the other half of the Alabama’s Gulf Coast condo market is listed as well.  Orange Beach, AL condos for sale will show each listing and helpful sales info along with amenities and aerial videos, interactive Google maps, rental revenue and other sales info.

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